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Pilates is one of the best forms of rehabilitative exercise, able to improve your core strength and mobility through its large range of therapeutic movements and principles. You will be able to get the most out of Pilates with one of our range of classes, working towards your individual physiotherapy goals. There are beginner courses, regular classes, as well as clinical Pilates (private and semi-private classes available) factoring in your own Pilates experience.

Your Pilates class will be fun and safe, even if you are recovering from an injury or have special needs. Pilates will be used as part of your overall physiotherapy plan, and every class is conducted by physiotherapists with internationally-renowned Polester Pilates training. Pilates rehabilitation sessions will include exercises based on the key principles of Pilates, and are often combined with functional exercises to help you achieve your specific goals. It's excellent therapy, but it's also a lot of fun.

There are two options for enrolling into classes:

Clinical pilates
Clinical Pilates will improve your posture, control, flexibility and strength. In particular, it is strongly recommended if you have received an injury or are suffering chronic pain. You will be prescribed with an individually tailored rehabilitation programme which will incorporate your own desired outcomes.

-Private one-on-one sessions: If you haven't done pilates before, or really appreciate the one-on-one feedback and attention that comes with a personal instructor, these sessions are for you.

-Semi-private classes: These classes are small group classes where each individual is completing their own personalised exercise programme. In clinical Pilates classes you will be using Pilates equipment including the reformer and trapeze table, as well mat exercises and mobility devices such as the foam roller and massage balls.

Group Classes
These classes are usually run during the school term over 10 weeks as a course.

- Pilates Circuit Class: This class is a combination of exercises incorporating Pilates principles and functional strengthening exercises. This class uses a combination of mat, bodyweight, reformer and foam roller exercises.



  • All classes $250 for a 10-week course
  • We offer HICAPS on all our services


*Haven't tried pilates before? Not sure what to do, or how it works? Don't worry, book a private induction with our highly experienced pilates instructor and they will help you getting started in a fun and safe way.


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